PU Adhesive Coating 5039

Particularly strong-bonding 2-component PU top coat for a wide variety of different substrates, especially suited to brush and roller application. Can usually be used directly without primer, even on critical surfaces such as galvanized iron and aluminum. Excellent weather-proof and resistant to a variety of diluted acids, alkalis and solvents. Excellent resistance to mechanical stress.

Designated use:Ideal top coat for critical substrates such as galvanized iron, aluminum, etc. Also suitable for cast iron and steel as well as concrete and many plastic substrates (windows, door frames etc.) with increased quality demands on the coating structure and its durability.
Can size:3-kg can incl. RICKERT PU Hardener 5039
- other can sizes by arrangement -
Degree of gloss:semi-glos
Shades:as per RAL, NCS, British Standard etc. and as per colour samples; also in the express service programme.
Coverage:approx. 7.0 m² / kg finished mixture with a resulting dry film thickness of around 60 µm


technical data sheet
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