RICCO-RINN 9034 Zinc Gutter Protection

RICCO-RINN 9034 Zinc Gutter Protection is a solvent-based, quick-drying anti corrosive coating, especially for the inside of gutters and other components made of zinc and galvanized sheet steel. It is ready to use and can be applied by brush or roller.

Designated use:Prime, intermediate and top coat with excellent protection against aggressive environmental and weather effects. RICCO-RINN 9034 Zinc Gutter Protection has a very good adhesion on surfaces made of zinc, galvanized steel, NF metals and hard PVC. It is unsaponifiable and resistant to weak acids and alkalis.
Can size:750 ml, 2.5 l and 5 l
Degree of gloss:matt
Shades:ca. RAL 7001 silver grey, ca. RAL 7016 anthracite grey und ca. RAL 7035 light grey
Coverage:approx. 150 - 200 ml/m² or 5 - 7 m²/l per coating on a smooth surface with a resulting dry film thickness of around 50 μm


technical data sheet
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