Adhesion Primer 5014

RICKERT Adhesion Primer 5014 is a solvent-free, colourless 1-component adhesion promoter based on epoxy resin, especially for the subsequent coating with RICKERT roof paints.

Designated use:Water-dilutable 1-component adhesion promoter for natural fired and engobed clay roof tiles and other critical roof substrates. Also suitable for non-absorbent mineral substrates indoors and outdoors.

Do not use on roofs with standing water.
Can size:5 l and 15 l
Coverage:Laboratory values:
Approx. 100 - 125 ml/m² or 8 - 10 m²/l per coating on a smooth surface

The consumption figures are indicative values that may increase due to surface roughness and structure and/or corrugated profile. Because of the differently structured substrates, precise consumption volumes may be determined by both brushing or rolling and spraying the object.

Practical values:
Experience indicates that with an average profiled and structured roof, depending on the application method used, total material consumption to be in the region of 150 - 200 ml/m² can be estimated.


technical data sheet
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