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About us

With tradition. From Bocholt. For the future.

RICKERT & Co. was originally founded in Bocholt, Westphalia in 1923 as a pure trading company for coatings, paints, glass and wallpapers. In addition to the trading business, by the 1930s it was able to set up production of high-grade architectural and industrial coatings under the brand name “Ricco Weiss” as a second pillar of corporate activity.

From March 1954, the range of products and services was further extended by emulsion paints from RICKERT`s own production plant. These special interior and exterior qualities based on synthetic rubber latex were successfully rolled out in the years that followed under the label “Ritex”.

Today the product range can be divided into six business lines:

  • Production of high-grade industrial coatings and anti-corrosion systems
  • Quality range of emulsion paints for professional applications
  • Roof coatings and system products
  • Commercial range of architectural coatings and glazes (CD-Color)
  • Commercial range of wood preservers for industrial processors (SIKKENS)
  • Commercial range of painting accessories and tools

From the formerly regional market orientation, a both national and international direction has developed in the present age of globalisation, especially in the industrial coatings market segment. As a reliable, medium-sized partner for the craft trades and industry with know-how acquired over decades, we have traditionally placed the service and quality demands of our customers at the heart of our corporate activity. It is our intention to meet these requirements in the future, too – through innovative products, high-quality coating systems and a proficient, customer-focused support service. Thus our cooperation partner PETER-LACKE, for example, produces RICKERT industrial coatings for the Chinese market at its Shanghai site.