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Risitherm Single-Coat Paint 9084: Our energy-saving thermal coating.

Risitherm Single-Coat Paint 9084 is a highly temperature resistant corrosion protection coating.

It cures completely at room temperature without additional heat supply. There is no need for the energy-intensive stoving process usually required for thermal coatings to achieve final film hardness.

With Risitherm Sigle-Coat Paint 9084, considerable savings in thermal energy can be realised in the coating process.

Once dry, painted parts are ready for assembly, transportable and resilient without prior stoving process.

In addition, Risitherm Single-Coat Paint 9084 convinces with its excellent property profile:

  • Exzellent temperature resistance
    Highly temperature-resistant 2-component single-coat paint for components with high thermal load (dry heat up to approx. 300°C [constant stress]).[Dauerbelastung]).
  • High-quality corrosion protection
    From a dry film thickness of at least 150 μm, Risitherm Single-Coat Paint 9084 offers long-term, high-quality corrosion protection for steel components indoors and outdoors.
  • Single-coat system
    Adhesion and protection in a single working step. Can be used directly without prior priming.
  • Outstanding surface finish
    Risitherm Single-Coat Paint 9084 has excellent flow characteristics and forms a paint film with an exceptional high surface quality.
  • ...and in addition the excellent RICKERT service: Fine adjustment of the coating settings to customer requirements, quick delivery service at short notice and on-site application and consulting service.