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Cold Glaze 9011

RICKERT Cold Glaze 9011 is a solvent-containing, quick-drying repair paint for glazed clay roof tiles. It can be easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray.


Weather-resistant and rainproof roof paint for repairing smaller damaged spots caused by transport or storage on glazed clay roof tiles. Also excellently suited for colour matching raw edges as well as component parts made of aluminium, copper, wood and plaster.

RICKERT Cold Glaze 9011 is neither suitable for coating whole roofs made of glazed or siliconized roof tiles (risk of insufficient adhesion) nor as for coating alkaline substrates such as masonry or concrete roof stones (danger of saponification of the binder).

For full-surface roof coatings of weather-beaten sloping roofs made of concrete roofing tiles, bitumen roof shingles, fibre cement panels and clay roof tiles, we recommend RICKERT AC Roof Paint 8046, AC Roof Paint 8049, AC Roof Paint 8051 or Nano-Top Roof Paint 8055.

Do not use RICKERT Cold Glaze 9011 on roofs with standing water.


750 ml and 2,5 l


Available in most glazed roof tile shades offered by the roof tile industry (minimum order quantity of 40 l per shade). An individual mixing of colour tones according to sample tiles is possible. In the case of bright pure yellows and reds, restrictions in lightfastness are possible due to the pigmentation required here


Ca. 100 - 150 ml/m² or 6 - 10 m²/l per layer on a smooth surface