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Nano-Top Roof Paint 8055

RICKERT Nano-Top Roof Paint 8055 is a diffusion-open, rainproof, weather-resistant and quick-drying emulsion paint with innovative nanotechnology and passive film preservation against algae and fungal attack. Nanostructured metal oxide particles (ZnO) provide optimum UV protection and are long-term stable and effective due to their inorganic, insoluble properties. RICKERT Nano-Top Roof Paint 8055 can be easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray.


Water-dilutable dispersion coating for renovating sloping weather-beaten roofs made from concrete roofing tiles, clay roofing tiles, bitumen roofing shingles and fibre cement panels. It is also perfectly suited to colour matching raw edges or damaged roof tiles as well as to component parts made of aluminium, lead, copper, zinc, timber, plaster and hard PVC.

Do not use on roofs with standing water. Siliconized roof tiles are not suitable for coating with RICKERT roofing coatings.

silk gloss

25 kg


Classic red, brick red (new), natural red, reddish brown, umber, dark brown, slate grey, antique, anthracite, black, emerald green and night blue.
The range of shades is in line with the marketed colours of the leading manufacturers of concrete roofing tiles, bitumen roofing shingles, fibre cement panels and clay roofing tiles.


Laboratory values:
Approx. 185 ml/m² or 5.5 m²/l per coating on a smooth surface
Approx. 225 g/m² or 4.5 m²/kg per coating on a smooth surface

The consumption figures are indicative values that may increase due to surface roughness and structure and/or corrugated profile. Because of the differently structured substrates, precise consumption volumes may be determined by both brushing or rolling and spraying the object.

Practical values:
Experience indicates that with an average profiled and structured roof, depending on the application method used, total material consumption to be in the region of 600 - 800 g/m² (approx. 300 - 400 g/m² per operation) can be estimated.

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